Great Scott

Great Scott aka The Great 1 aka GS-1 aka Dick Shivers began his love affair with music when he started deejaying at 15 years old. His music fuses a variety of musical styles to form his own blend of audio chaos.

Great Scott has a large collection of music, a multitude of crazy ideas, way too much free time and a total lack of understanding or blatant disregard for modern day copyright laws.

The Great 1 is influenced by Hip Hop, Miami Bass, Rock, Classic Electro, Freestyle, House and R&B. His production includes original music as well as the occasional sampling (to Hell with snatching 2 bars, take it all). 

His most recent releases have been instrumental albums. These albums are a fusion of ambient sounds, melodies and hip hop beats. Most of his time is spent producing for others, however in his spare time he works on his own projects.      

Great Scott also enjoys doing remixes and mash-ups. Regardless of what musical style or genre he produces you can guarantee he will continue to push the limits.



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